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Keith C

The NOVA Precision Decarboxylator is the bomb! I make a lot of cannabutter for myself. The most trickiest part of the process was always decarbing. My oven temp (as most) was not stable and you could ruin a batch of butter before you start. With the NOVA you place your ground up product in the container plug in press 1 button and THAT'S IT! An hour later perfect decarbed product. It has the uniform color similar to tobacco. Perfect every time. I've been waiting for the NOVA Precision Decarboxylator for a long time, thank you Ardent.

Marvin L.

OMG, I started making edibles last year heard about the NOVA . The best thing ever , after I started using the NOVA my edibles are way better . Knowing that my flowers are activated properly to make my treats extra happy makes me happy. Thank you guys for making the best machine ever..

Conrado C.

We adore our ardent decarboxylator!!!!! so easy! no smell! works the same every time w/ no guessing ~ just measure, load, ready to use! what did we do w/out it?? i'll tell you: we over and under cooked! like the 3 Little Bears, this way is always JUST RIGHT!! 5 STARS!!!

Edward R.

The crap oven in our apartment fluctuates approximately 5 degrees in either direction- constant monitoring with an oven thermometer was inefficient and time-consuming. My Ardent is totally fool-proof, plus it's a great way to blend extracts without worrying about heat damage. Love it .

I've tried a few other methods before but the Ardent decarb yields more oil and the oil is cleaner, has better taste and most importantly, the potency is much, much stronger. I'm beyond impressed and I recommend this units to everyone. We've used it before making butter and also before soaking in Everclear for gummy bears and this yields the best oil in my experience. Thanks!!

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